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We are Tholander Consulting, a boutique marketing consulting firm created as an alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach commonly found at larger marketing agencies and public relations firms.


Whether it be a political candidate, elected official, government agency, law office, or a larger brand, each of our clients receives a hands-on, personalized approach to identifying and achieving their unique goals. Our expert marketing consultants will help your organization standout from the competition and make waves in your industry!


With locations in Mountain View, California, and Washington, D.C. our clients range across the United States. Contact us right now for a free consultation!

Dark Waves


Started in 2018 by Alexah Rogge, Tholander Consulting first started with the goal of helping political campaigns reach new heights in fundraising and digital marketing. Tholander Consulting was a fresh approach to much of the engrained D.C. culture that hadn't yet taken advantage of the many benefits of digital marketing and digital data management.

Realizing that this deficiency existed for many small businesses as well, the firm quickly grew in scope to include  small business clientele. This growth included the addition of Account Manager Davis Boyer who works directly with our clients to ensure each unique strategy is executed without fail. 

Our clients always come first, and we are so thankful for those who have trusted Tholander Consulting with their businesses and campaigns. Your confidence fuels the hard work we put into helping each and every one of our clients reach their goals.


The key to a strong digital presence is a unique, cohesive image throughout every facet of the business and it's marketing materials. This starts with the basics: a logo, color scheme, and photos that represent your products, services, or candidate. 

Partnering with Ryan Thompson Photography, clients at Tholander Consulting have access to special rates and packages with a top rated photographer who has been featured in magazines and publications across the country.

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