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Why You Need a Strong Brand

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Branding is often misunderstood as an aesthetic component of one company or business-- the visual identity like logo, design, and packaging. But over the years, it has evolved into a key component of each successful company. Today, branding has become the process of representing the business, distinguishing it from the competitors, and making a memorable impression on the market through unique content.

Branding increases the impact of content and helps deliver a more personalized and transformative experience for each customer. A clear concept for each company’s brand, or branding vision, is an integral part of properly representing the business on the market and increasing value to drive revenue.

Reputation and impression help build the business from the ground up. Contrary to popular belief, branding has become very accessible and is no longer a luxury saved only for the largest corporations. What's important is understanding the unique values and objectives of each business-- there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a unique voice and brand. It varies from case to case and can change over time.

Increases Business Value

A strong brand provides a business with value that is difficult to put a price on. Coca-Cola is one of the strongest brands, known around the world, and it is near impossible to quote a value of this brand. When it comes to building a reputation and product knowledge, the message, emotion, and story behind each business, is something a product that each consumer is buying into as well.

A well-crafted brand showcases that a company offers more than what meets the eye. Of course, people buy the products and services for functionality and benefits, but being able to offer compelling stories and transformative experiences that the customers can participate in, adds additional value to each product.

Creates Engaging and Unified Content

A strong brand identity makes it easier to create a recognizable and trustworthy brand from the start. This helps in creating a unified and more powerful brand voice with the style elements, writing style or tone of voice, and editorial guidelines for different platforms where the brand is present.

With this in mind, it would be easier to create and curate content, not only for social media but for all the other platforms of the brand. Don’t forget that this should translate to the designs and not just the copy. It is very important to fine-tune your content and design elements to keep people hooked and engaged with the goals of the brand.

Increases Customer Base

Of course, it’s a given that having strong branding helps you increase the company’s customer base. If customers love your brand, they will be constantly talking about it because they remember it.

Customers are more likely to choose a brand they recognize or resonate with over something unfamiliar. A lot of people tend to lean on brands that have the same appeal as big brands they love or are familiar with. Even if they don’t know much about the company at that time, as long as it appeals to them at a certain level, they will surely be interested. A cohesive, consistent brand can make a large impact in achieving this familiarity with brands.

Sets Your Brand Apart

A company with a strong brand helps your customer know what to expect of you. Having a strong brand also means being consistent. Your customer will be at ease knowing what to expect from you every time they buy a product or avail a service.

Again, it’s not just about the physical assets but the other intangible things you offer to your customers like the overall buying experience. Creating this trust helps you set your brand apart from your competitors. It is critical to stand out apart and showcase your unique value.

When customers recognize and trust your brand, it helps you gain that competitive edge for the company. The more recognition you gain, the more you build the company, and the more your brand is elevated in the market.

Creating strong branding takes time, patience, and dedication. It might come off as a trial and error until you find the right formula that fits your brand. But fear not because, in the long run, the rewards you reap will be fruitful. High customer retention, brand awareness, and increased loyalty. Like they say, high risks, high rewards. So keep focus on refining and improving your brand!

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